In Memoriam: Sir Roger Scruton

By January 14, 2020In Memoriam, In memorium

Sir Roger Scruton, former Member of The Prague Society and a great Friend, passed away.


“Dearly beloved, controversial and strong-willed, Sir Roger Scruton was a cornerstone of the creation of The Prague Society – born out of the fight against Communism. A close friend of Václav Havel, Pavel Bratinka and Barbara Day, he was a stalwart in the fight to pursue freedom and democracy for Central and Eastern Europe. Never deterred by risk of arrest from the StB, AVO or Stasi (Secret Police), Roger endeavoured in the fight to preserve the freedoms of future generations of both the Czech and Slovak people. A great spirit has passed. And already he is greatly missed.”

Prof. Marc S. Ellenbogen – on behalf of the Members, Friends and Patrons



“Roger Scruton first visited Czechoslovakia in 1979, halfway through ‘normalisation’. The first people he met were the groups of students banned from university education, whose desire for learning made such a great impression on him. He made many close friends and over the next decade devoted much of his time and energy in making sure the students got the best teaching, materials and support that was possible by underground means under a repressive regime.

I first met him in 1985, a few days after he had been expelled from Czechoslovakia, and we became close colleagues. He was a joy to work with – energetic, imaginative, humorous, tolerant, practical. He also trusted people and built their confidence. He was not afraid to imagine the impossible and made it happen. His attachment to the Czechs continued after

1989 and in November last year, although already seriously ill, he gladly made the enormous effort to come to Prague to receive the Senate’s Medal.”

Hon. Barbara Day