Mission and Goals

Global Panel’s greatest strength is its network.

Global Panel works primarily behind the scenes in support of governments, institutions and the private sector. Global Panel has a strong track record. It has developed a reputation for mediating difficult disputes worldwide. Through its network of former ranking government, academic, and private sector personalities, Global Panel is well equipped to facilitate solutions in conflict areas around the world. Funding for Global Panel initiatives comes strictly from the private sector. Global Panel does not take funding from the governments who seek its help.

The list of guests is long and includes the names of many of the most important statesmen, business-leaders, and scientists of the last decades. In addition, ministers, secretaries of state, CEO’s, lobbyists, scientists, and entrepreneurs have been involved with Global Panel. Such a wide variety of internationally renowned guests, meeting together, off the record, may explain why Global Panel serves as a venue where international cooperation, investments, and bilateral relations begin. Global Panel limits participation to 50 individuals at any one time. The average session has 25 participants.

Range of Services

Effective and focused networking among international decision makers

The Global Panel Network is unique. It is both independent, and discipline-spanning. It enables effective and focused networking among international decision makers. In the past 12 years, Global Panel has developed a professional infrastructure and a wide range of expertise in globally interfacing public policy, business, science, and society. Our global network offers direct access to the opinion leaders in industry and society.

To best cater to your needs and to give you the best access to this network, Global Panel offers tailor-made events. From the planning, to the implementation and through to the final wrap-up, Global Panel strives to anticipate the needs of the respective target-groups and caters to their individual wishes and ideas in the area of event design when setting up or preparing events. In order to reach the largest possible spectrum of addresses and to cater specifically for their needs, Global Panel hosts four different types of forums: Executive, Public Policy Technology and Student forums.

Global Panel’s two main areas of work, event management and networking, are supplemented by additional services such as agenda setting, consulting, and the sponsoring of non-profit projects. These put further instruments and methods at the disposal of Global Panel’s clients and patrons.


Global Panel Foundation E.V.

The Global Panel Foundation e.V. supports critical and constructive debate with scientific and societal questions in a global framework.

Within this framework the Global Panel Foundation promotes science and research, education as well as international understanding as defined by Article 52, Paragraph 2, Clause 1, general tax code.

  • The organs of the association are
  • the Board of Directors,
  • the Supervisory Board,
  • the Board of Advisors,
  • the General Meeting.
  • The promotion of international contacts between scientists, students, and practitioners from politics, economics, culture and society.
  • The promotion of a permanent exchange of experience between the members as well as with all societal groups worldwide that are interested.
  • The promotion of interdisciplinary research projects, scientific institutions and scholarships.
  • The international dispersal of theoretical and practical perceptions in the frame of publications in several languages as well as the organization and realization of events such as conferences, symposiums, discussion forums, lectures, etc.
  • Participation in events and cooperation with institutions (state-run as well as non-governmental) which correspond to the goals of the Global Panel Foundation e.V.
Charitable Benefits
  • The association is independent and non-party.
  • The association pursues exclusively and directly charitable purposes, especially as defined by the paragraph “tax-deductible purposes” (Article 51et sqq.) of the general tax code.
  • The association operates selflessly. It does not primarily pursue economic purposes for itself.
  • The funds of the association may only be used for those purposes corresponding to this statute. The members do not receive dividends nor any other allotments from the funds of the association in their capacity as members.
  • Nobody may benefit from expenditures which are alien to the purpose of the corporate body or from disproportionately high allowances.