Czech Republic ignores warnings as the country places last on European anti-corruption index

By June 11, 2020News

GRECO, the Council of Europe’s anti-corruption body has evaluated the Council
members’ progress in 2019 with regard to implementing their recommendations to
fight against corruption. The annual report reviews the measures to prevent corruption
taken in member states regarding parliamentarians, judges, and prosecutors, as well
as in central governments — including top executive functions — and law enforcement
agencies. GRECO claims that no recommendations were fully implemented by the
Czech government, ranking them last out of 42 countries. 50% of the suggestions they
put only partly into effect, while the remaining 50% they failed. Other members of the
Visegrad Group placed higher on the list, with Hungary and Poland reaching 27% and
36% of implementation respectively. The Slovak Republic placed highest of the four,
implementing 43% of GRECO recommendations.
GRECO urges governments and public-office holders to act in an exemplary way by
respecting anti-corruption measures and transparency standards. “Corruption
undermines citizens’ trust in democracy and in democratic institutions. Implementing
effective anti-corruption measures and promoting integrity and transparency should,
therefore, be a priority for public authorities at all times,” Council of Europe Secretary
General Marija Pejčinović Burić said in a press release.