In Memoriam: Eduard Kukan

By March 22, 2022In Memoriam, News

Eduard, I should have written this 6 weeks ago (how time flies). Then came Ukraine. We were supposed to meet the day you died. On my birthday, you sent me greetings just 5 days before your untimely death.  We experienced many things together during our near 25 year friendship. You were a superb Foreign Minister, Statesman and promulgator of Slovakia in the early years after the changes. You hosted the  Prague Society, and many Public Policy Chats from Bratislava to Vienna to Berlin to Prague. You joined us in Washington DC too.  We often partnered with the Global Panel Foundation – whose Advisory Board you were on until your death.  Eduard, there is so much I could say about you – your diplomatic skills, your honesty, you integrity, Tom Pickering often noted how much he respected you. I will think of you fondly – and remember you mostly for simply being salt-of-the-earth, a good man and an honest Joe. May the fire of light shine brightly for you forever.

Prof. Marc S. Ellenbogen