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About the Global Panel

Global Panel works primarily behind the scenes in support of governments, institutions and the private sector.

Global Panel has a strong track record. It has developed a reputation for mediating difficult disputes worldwide. Through its network of former ranking government, academic, and private sector personalities, Global Panel is well equipped to facilitate solutions in conflict areas around the world. Funding for Global Panel initiatives comes strictly from the private sector.

Global Panel was founded in 1989 by the entrepeneur Bas Spuybroek, with support from then Dutch foreign minister Hans van den Broek and industrialist Frans Lurvink.

Global Panel approaches initiatives with precision and generates strong synergies with business-to-business and business-to-policy contacts. Initiatives are supplemented through events such as “fireside-chats”, business luncheons, dinners, receptions, etc., which are flexibly scheduled.


Global Panel does not take funding from the governments who seek its help.

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The Global Panel


The list of guests is long and includes the names of many of the most important statesmen, business-leaders, and scientists of the last decades. In addition, ministers, secretaries of state, CEO’s, lobbyists, scientists, and entrepreneurs have been involved with Global Panel. Such a wide variety of internationally renowned guests, meeting together, off the record, may explain why Global Panel serves as a venue where international cooperations, investments, and bilateral relations begin.


Hanno R. Ellenbogen

Citizenship Award

The annual award recognizes high achievement in public service, particularly in Central and Eastern Europe. Recipients include Václav HavelMadeleine Albright and the Dalai Lama.