New satellite images show Russia’s massive military arsenal in the Arctic

By April 7, 2021News

Satellite images provided to CNN by space technology company Maxar detail continiuos build-up of Russian military bases and underground storage facilities in the Arctic. Moscow insists its motives are peaceful and economic.

As reported by CNN, the Russian hardware in the Arctic area includes bombers and MiG31BM jets, and a new radar systems close to the coast of Alaska. Moscow is also testing a number of modern weapons in the region, such as the nuclear-powered Poseidon 2M39 torpedos and stealth submarines.

“Russia is refurbishing Soviet-era airfields and radar installations, constructing new ports and search-and-rescue centers, and building up its fleet of nuclear- and conventionally-powered icebreakers,” Lt. Col. Thomas Campbell, a Pentagon spokesman, told CNN.

“It is also expanding its network of air and coastal defense missile systems, thus strengthening its anti-access and area-denial capabilities over key portions of the Arctic,” he added.

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