Members’ Meeting 30th September 2020, with guest of honour H.E. Shahzad Aryobee, the Ambassador of Afghanistan, fmr. Minister of Communications and Principal Negotiator for Afghan Peace Process, and Hon. Cyril Svoboda, the fmr. Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic

By October 2, 2020Event

Ladies and Gentlemen, from left: Prof. Marc S. Ellenbogen, Mr. Gabriel Cocean, Mr. Mark Kobal, Mrs. Nadia Teuberova, Mr. Markus H. Hermann, Mr. Stephanos S. Germenis, Mrs. Eva Anderová, Mr. Arthur Braun, Mr. Adam Coubal, H.E. Mr. Shahzad Aryobee, Mr. Darius Dubovsky, H.E. Mr. Hemant H. Kotalwar, Hon. Cyril Svoboda, Dr. Petr Polievka, Dr. Jochen Wittmann, Mr. Bert Stiers, Mrs. Linda Kočová, H.E. Mr. Gerard Philipps.

The last day of September provided a cool evening for the city of Prague, which was the date and time for this month’s Members’ Meeting of the Prague Society and the Global Panel Foundation.

Hosted by Princess Elizabeth Lobkowicz and Prof. Marc S. Ellenbogen (President), the guests of the event had the opportunity to receive some unique perspectives from guest of honour H.E. Shahzad Aryobee, Ambassador of Afghanistan and former Communications and Information Technology Minister, and Hon. Cyril Svoboda, former Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic.

The main discussion of the event centred around the Afghan peace process and international cooperation, along with the upcoming Czech regional and Senate elections.