Members Meeting 15/07

By July 24, 2020Uncategorized

Left to Right: President Marc S Ellenbogen, Andreas Svoboda, Dr Petr Polievka, HE Luis de Almeida Sampaio: Ambassador of Portugal to the Czech Republic, Vice-President Micheal Stimson, Alex Martin, Vice-President Jens Geitmann, Princess Elizabeth Lobkowicz, Jan Kotrc, Roger Johnson, fmr. Senator Edvard Outrata, Vice-President Arthur Braun, Fred Byrne

The member’s meeting held on July 15th, hosted at Princess Lobkowicz residence served in part as a welcoming to the new ambassador to Portugal in Prague, His Excellency Luis de Almeida Sampaio. Apart from his position as ambassador in Prague and his former positions as ambassador of Portugal to NATO, Bosnia and Algeria, Mr. Sampaio was invited to give a presentation on “The Trans-Atlantic Alliance”, covering 6 areas he felt needed to be addressed and fir which he sees a role for the Global Panel Foundation and Prague Society. Global Panel, The Prague Society and the American Foreign Policy Council had previously convened the Trans-Atlantic Drift Debates – held between 2007 – 2011 in Prague, Vienna, Stuttgart, Bratislava(Parliament), Sofia (Foreign Ministry), Hungary (Foreign Ministry), Warsaw (Parliament|), Berlin (Parliament of the State Representation of Baden-Wuerttemberg) and Washington (US Congress) and included Senior elected officials in an offline setting to create a “blue print’ for continuing the Atlantic Alliance.