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Global Panel Initiatives

Central Europe Monitoring

Accession to the European Union required the new economies of Central Europe to meet higher standards of legislation and administration. Nevertheless, it is still difficult for Western companies to find the right partners. Members of the former system are still in positions of influence. Private gain often dominates public interest. 

Western companies use the Prague Society as a filter. It briefs foreign businessmen, politicians and diplomats. It provides contacts and makes background checks on potential partners. It holds Student Forums which introduce tomorrow’s leaders to the best minds in politics and business. Its mission is to ensure the rule of law and good corporate governance.

North Korea Initiative

The 8th North Korea Initiative took place in Warsaw in February 2008 with Foreign Minister Radek Sikorski and a small group of ranking guests. There was a consensus that engaging the DPRK is the right approach; and that growing Global Panel's E 500-million Korean Republic Investment Fund (KPIF) / North Korea Investment Fund (NKIF) is a good strategy. To understand the size of the fund, it would provide enough rice for every family in the DPRK for one year. That is not the purpose of the fund; the KPIF / NKIF seeks private investors for entrepreneurial ventures, to provide micro loans, for knowledge transfer, health care, to support building, energy and infrastructural projects. Previous NKIs have taken place in Sydney, Berlin, Brussels, Seoul-Tokyo, Prague, Wellington and Bratislava. The fund will be supported by those who understand a return of investment will come much later - as it did in Central and Eastern Europe.

Black Sea Initiative

The Global Panel/Prague Society Black Sea Initiative will complement existing government initiatives with proposed private sector approaches to security, energy, and environmental issues in the Black Sea area. It will include Bulgaria, Georgia, Romania, Russia, Turkey and the Ukraine. It will also focus on issues which affect other countries including Armenia, Azerbaijan, Greece and Serbia. This initiative will serve as a bridge between the public and private sector with a clear focus on providing solutions. The BSI is chaired by Ambassador Gheorghe Tinca, Romania's first post-communist civilian defense minister, and was initiated on May 11, 2007 in Bucharest. The most recent BSI took place in Tbilisi, Georgia under the auspices of the Ambassador of the United Kingdom Denis Keefe in March 2008.

Morocco Strategic Initiative

In partnership with the Foreign Policy Advisors of His Majesty King Mohammed VI of Morocco and the Royal Strategic Studies Institute, this initiative aims to bring Morocco back into the position of mediator between the West and the Muslim countries (a position it held under King Hassan II in the 1970s and 1980s). It will focus on working together in the Mediterranean basin and the Western Sahara on security issues. The involvement of Morocco in the Water, Energy and Security Initiative is also under discussion.

Water, Energy and Security Initiative

This initiative will bring together the countries of Israel, Jordan, Egypt, Syria, Lebanon and the Palestine Authority. It focuses on issues of water, energy and security in that area with the aim of creating a long-term strategy.

Transatlantic Drift Debate

The Transatlantic Drift Debate, held in partnership with the American Foreign Policy Council, focuses on relations between North America, the European Union and the new democracies of Central and Eastern Europe. It considers these in the context of the EU’s evolving partnership with the United States, and the growing voice of new members of the European affairs. Recent political and diplomatic tensions that have developed between North America and Europe require analysis and resolution if the world’s most significant geopolitical alliance is to survive and prosper. The TAD Debates aims to bring together policy shapers from both sides of the Atlantic to exchange ideas and discuss current issues regarding the relationship between the USA and Europe.


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