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Global Panel Foundation E.V.


The Global Panel Foundation e.V. supports critical and constructive debate with scientific and societal questions in a global framework.

Within this framework the Global Panel Foundation promotes science and research, education as well as international understanding as defined by Article 52, Paragraph 2, Clause 1, general tax code. This is especially achieved through:

  • The promotion of international contacts between scientists, students, and practitioners from politics, economics, culture and society.
  • The promotion of a permanent exchange of experience between the members as well as with all societal groups worldwide that are interested.
  • The promotion of interdisciplinary research projects, scientific institutions and scholarships.
  • The international dispersal of theoretical and practical perceptions in the frame of publications in several languages as well as the organization and realization of events such as conferences, symposiums, discussion forums, lectures, etc.
  • Participation in events and cooperation with institutions (state-run as well as non-governmental) which correspond to the goals of the Global Panel Foundation e.V..

Charitable Benefits

  • The association is independent and non-party.
  • The association pursues exclusively and directly charitable purposes, especially as defined by the paragraph “tax-deductible purposes” (Article 51et sqq.) of the general tax code.
  • The association operates selflessly. It does not primarily pursue economic purposes for itself.
  • The funds of the association may only be used for those purposes corresponding to this statute. The members do not receive dividends nor any other allotments from the funds of the association in their capacity as members.
  • Nobody may benefit from expenditures which are alien to the purpose of the corporate body or from disproportionately high allowances.


The organs of the association are

  • the Board of Directors,
  • the Supervisory Board,
  • the Board of Advisors,
  • the General Meeting.

Upcoming Events

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Past Events

Garden Party
June 4, 2015
Iva Drápalová
December 9, 2014
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