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US regards Pak as a security state


Islamabad: The United States regards Pakistan as a security state, and wants it to commit itself to its war, disregarding Islamabad''s constraints and requirements, an American scholar has said. 

Professor Marc S. Ellenbogen, who is also the chairman of Global Panel Foundation, while speaking at the Islamabad Policy Research Institute (IPRI), said Pakistan is a victim of America''s ''benign neglect'', and the latter wants Islamabad to do all unreservedly in its war against terrorism, reports The News Agency. 

"America considers Pakistan as a Muslim country in contrast to its approach towards other nations, which it recognises as normal members of the international community," Ellenbogen was quoted, as saying. 

He said that the bias in relation to Muslims was something that could not be denied as majority of Americans shared it, particularly after 9/11. 

Ellenbogen said the U.S. was engaged in redefining its relationships with the world and trying to adjust to the changes taking place in the Muslim world. 


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