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14th Hanno R. Ellenbogen Award

Press Release

Prague Society turns 20 – 14th Hanno R. Ellenbogen Award to – April 5, 2016 in Prague

Ranked by UN as one of top five Awards in Central and Eastern Europe

Security Public Policy/Panels


Tony Fitzjohn                        (renowned Conservationist)  UK, Kenya, Tanzania

Souad Mekhennet                (Journalist, Washington Post & ARD), Turkey, Morocco, Germany

Zdenek Tuma                       (former Czech Central Bank Governor) - Czech Republic

and Magda Vasaryova        (Actress & first female Presidential Candidate) - Slovakia


  • previous recipients include -Vaclav Havel, Adam Michnik, Madeleine Albright, Milos Forman, Wesley Clark, President Andres Pastrana, Vera Caslavska and the Dalai Lama
  • April 4-6 and Public Policy/Security Debates on April 5


The 13th Hanno R. Ellenbogen Award and Public Policy/Security Debates will take place April 5 in Prague in a ceremony at City Hall under the auspices of Lord Mayor Adriana Krnacova.

Guests include


R. James Woolsey   (fmr. CIA Director),

Major-General Bruce Lawlor   (fmr. Chief of Staff, US Department of Homeland Security),

Dr. Dov S. Zakheim   (fmr. United States Comptroller and Under-Secretary of Defense),

Hon. Klaus Peter Gottwald   (fmr. Commissioner for Disarmament and Nuclear Issues for Angela Merkel),

Hon. Yannos Papantoniou,   (fmr. Defense Minister, Greece)

General Constantin Degeratu   (fmr. Chief of Staff, Romanian Armed Services),

General Peter Pavel   (Chairman, NATO Military Committee),

Hon. Dan Maffei  (fmr. US Congressman, NY)

Hon. Mark Pritchard MP   (Member of the House of Commons, UK)

Hon. Stefan Fule   (fmr. European Commissioner)

Hon. Petr Necas   (fmr. Czech Prime Minister)

Hon. Tomas Borec  (fmr. Justice Minister, Slovakia)

Hon. Pavol Paska    (fmr. President, Parliament of Slovakia)

Dr. Karel Janecek   (Entrepreneur and Mathematician)

Ivan Batka  (Industrialist)



Ceremony will begin at 19:00.  Policy/Security Roundtables at 09:00 on April 5th.


The Prague Society for International Cooperation was founded by a group of policy experts from Germany, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, USA and UK. It existed during Communism to help dissidents and became a registered NGO after the fall of Communism. It continues to work behind the scenes and mostly off-the-record

The Global Panel Foundation was founded in the Netherlands by billionaires Bas Spuybroek and Frans Lurvink, with the assistance of then Dutch Foreign Minister Hans van den Broek. It has worked in conflict areas around the world since 1988.

The Hanno R. Ellenbogen Award is ranked by the UN as one of the top five awards presented in Central and Eastern Europe. It is given yearly to an individual(s) who has distinguished themselves in Public Policy. The financial portion of the Award is presented to a young person of the recipients choosing.


For more info contact – Eduard Schlesinger – +420 722 584 878+421 910 901 389

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