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Global Panel partners with the Prague Society for International Cooperation in annually presenting the Hanno R. Ellenbogen Citizenship Award. Global Panel also serves the community through a program of international service projects. In addition, a series of grants originating in the Netherlands have supported specific research, academic and non-profit undertakings.



In Germany, a foundation has been created which will finance further public-service projects. The following list offers an overview of the projects undertaken thus far, and a selection of recent grants to institutions and individuals:






Scholarships or individual grants have been awarded to students from the following countries:


  • Belarus
  • Brazil
  • Czech Republic
  • Germany
  • Hungary
  • Poland
  • Ruanda
  • UK
  • USA


Research grants to institutions:


  • Czech Helsinki Committee, Czech Rep.
  • Glasnost Public Foundation, Russia
  • Jan Hus Educational Foundation, Slovakia
  • Charles University, Czech Rep.
  • Oxford University, UK
  • Syracuse University, USA
  • United Nations, New York
  • Mannheim University, Germany
  • University of Windsor, Canada
  • Pardubice University, Czech Rep.
  • Zagreb University, Croatia
  • Vismir, Czech Rep.


Research grants to individuals:


  • Mr. Bernhard Klingmann, Germany
  • Dr. Anton Markos, Czech Rep.
  • Dr. Barbara Day, UK
  • Prof. Dr. Boris Iljuk, Ukraine
  • Prof. Dr. Ivan Havel, Czech Rep.
  • Prof. Dr. Vladimir Maslow, Russia and numerous others

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